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OB/GYN Ultrasound LLC., operates under the supervision of Dr. Luis Tobon.  He is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist who has done his specialty training twice: once in his natal country, Colombia, in the renowned Universidad del Valle, and seven years later, once again graduating from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey.


Dr. Tobon is certified in Laparoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery (Robotic surgery using  the DaVinci robot).  He is also an accredited Ob/Gyn sonographer by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).

Dr Luis Tobon

Driven by a long term passion for his specialty, his interest on assisting his colleagues, and his patient’s requests for a more personalized experience, OB/GYN Ultrasound LLC., was created.


Keeping up with HIPAA regulations and the paperless environment of the world today, OB/GYN Ultrasound LLC., counts with a whole infrastructure that facilitates the electronic management of information not only for your Health Medical Records (EMR) but also by having a HIPAA compliant cloud-based storage that allows images to be sent to your mobile device and/or email.

Dr. Tobon’s main goals  are:

To create a pleasant environment where the anxiety experienced for many women when visiting a medical office, dissipates.  A place you feel treated with care, professionalism and kindness.

To provide highly professional services by having qualified personnel that offer solutions and information to women with different health issues.

To use the most recent technology to support the diagnosis and treatment of his patients, such as the Voluson GE 6, a machine that provides exceptional image quality for ultrasounds.

Dr Luis Tobon using ultrasound of woman.

Our experienced professional medical staff is characterized for taking a personal approach to Healthcare and treating each and every one of our patients as a valued individual.

About Us

Board Certified In OB/GYN

About Us

ARDMS Certified

About Us

Member of AIUM

Dr. Tobon is committed to assist you to have a comfortable healthcare experience.

Come visit us to experience our welcoming environment and professionalism
in every member of our team.

What is important at your company?




(Encourage employees)



Sense of ownership

(taking care of the business and patients)


Giving back

(To the community)


(Health/ accident free environment)

Our practice strives to provide excellent customer service and treat our patients with integrity, humanity, quality service and confidentiality.

What is unique about working here?

Working here is unique due to the fact that we have an atmosphere of pure care and concern for each person that comes through our doors, not only for our patients but for our staff as well.

We believe in honesty, compassion, care, medicine, and our goal is to demonstrate it in all our interactions with our patients. From the moment they call to the moment the leave our practice. Our Medical Provider aims for excellence in all he does and is projected in the rest of the staff.

Dr Luis Tobon and the team OB/GYN Ultrasound
Come visit us to experience our welcoming environment and professionalism in every member of our team.

Dr. Tobon is a true role model that not only inspires us to be better human beings, but he demonstrates it in his daily interactions with his patients and work team.  His kind/warm personality makes our days go by fast. It is an honor to work under him and have the opportunity to learn each day something from him.

Overall, I love being part of OB/GYN Ultrasound that constantly makes a difference in the health needs of our patients. Giving me the opportunity to also make a difference in someone’s life and I am also able to use my skills and knowledge. It definitely provides me a fulfilling career satisfaction, is way more than a job for me it’s my second home!

Laurie Dieppa, Office Manager



Reflected by the training and education of each member of our team, a respectful treatment, and professional attitude we offer to all of our patients and their companions.


The passion about the work we do is reflected in our commitment to provide a very professional service with efficiency and kindness. There is no perfection but we are open to communicate and to engage in a collaborative relationship to find answers to your concerns.


At Ob/Gyn Ultrasound, LLC we believe in honesty, trust, and coherence. Values that are reflected on the medical care our patients receive and in the kind of interactions they have with our team.


We understand the importance of listening to your concerns and creating a trusting relationship, a connection that allow us to navigate together towards the solution to your health needs.


We are here to provide medical services for women in an integral manner which involves providing health solutions as well as treating our patients with respect, compassion, kindness, and care.


We understand that sometimes coming to the doctor can be stressful and we want to offer an environment that supports safety, relaxation and comfort. We strive to create a space where you can have a little time to rest the mind while you wait to be seen by your doctor.